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Take a walk along the tranquil, picturesque sun-soaked sandy beaches of Laguna. Enjoy the comforting warmth as the scented ocean air calms the senses. Relax with this new fabric collection as if you're enjoying a day at the beach.

Our Laguna Beach collection set gives you all the coordinating pieces for a beautiful presentation. Perfect for gift giving or retail display, this set includes one neck wrap, one body wrap and one matching eye pillow.


Our Neck Wrap will emit therapeutic, moist heat that will relieve stress and soreness in the neck and pectoral area. Use the versatie body wrap to warm and ease muscles in the back or across the abdomen while the calming Lavender eye pillow calms the senses.

Can also be cooled in the freezer when placed in a zip lock bag and then applied to strained muscles


Warm, Relax and enjoy!

Laguna Beach Set

  • Neck Wrap:

    Measures: 7" x 25"

    Approx. Weight: 2.5lbs

    Ingredients: rice, clove and orange peel

    Comes in a matching fabric zipper bag.

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