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All fabrics are durable, with a luxurious touch.

Laguna Beach


Take a walk along the tranquil, picturesque sun-soaked sandy beaches of Laguna. Enjoy the comforting warmth as the scented ocean air calms the senses. 

Laguna Reef


As calming as the aqua blue waters of Laguna, and intricate as the natural wonder of the reefs just below.

Chamomile Summer

Chamomile & Floral Neck Wrap Close up

A feminine, buttery,  summer vibe with all the luxury you'd expect from a Soulagé collection.

Graphite Leaf


Bold, yet depicting the serenity of nature, our NEW Graphite Leaf Collection is timeless. 

Wispy Taupe

Wispy Taupe Neck Wrap

Fun, neutral, but with a luxurious sheen,  Wispy Taupe is a popular choice for most personalities!

Purple Jupiter



The richest purple with swirls of velvety sophistication, Purple Jupiter raises the bar on luxury.

Seafoam & Floral

Luxurious, "welcome-spring" fabric and calming seafoam are the perfect pairing for our newest collection!


Cozy Sherpa


This soft and cozy collection is like your favorite warm, winter sweater. Our Snow, Gold, and Coal colors will have you remembering snowflakes, Christmas ornaments and sitting by warm fires.

Laguna Fire



Soak in the toasty heat of a Laguna beach side fire as your stresses melt away.

NEW! Laguna Hills

Rugged, yet calm, let the rolling hills of Laguna surround you.

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