Elizabeth Fanton


Established in 2000, Soulage’ Therapy Solutions (pro-nounced Soo-la-jshay), has evolved from two products that were manufactured through all hours of the night from a single sewing machine in a living room, into a highly successful resource company and onto the range of high-end luxury hotels, hospitality, day spa, retail and medical industries.

Soulage’ Therapy Solutions was and is, founder Elizabeth's "brain child". She was a determined single mother of two, struggling with the challenges of balancing motherhood with a highly stressful corporate sales job in technology. Through her experience, she came to understand first hand, how stress takes a toll on the body, mind, spirit and family. Wanting to relieve this stress, she was introduced to the world of spas.

While enjoying spa treatments, she realized that many of the accessories offered by the spa, such as wraps, robes and slippers, were often too basic and not as luxurious and comforting as were anticipated or expected to be in such nice places. Seeing a need, and having a desire for a more creative and relaxing environment, is when she pulled out her sewing machine and started putting ideas onto cloth.

In developing the uniquely designed products, Soulage’ Therapy Solutions creatively uses only the very best fabrics and our integrity goes into our very close attention to quality and detail. Always keeping in mind the need for comfort, versatility and luxury. Soulage's carefully chosen fabrics are with both the client and consumer in mind. Each product is created for use in the spa, as well as at home and travel.

Since Elizabeth started in her living room, she has taken great pleasure in working with so many people who bring peace of mind and comfort to others through their therapeutic work. It gives both her and Soulage' Therapy Solutions a great feeling knowing that the products manufactured, have had such an impact in the industries we service and the expectations and needs of their clients.

With all the success, Elizabeth continues to remain humble, blessed and is endlessly appreciative for the opportunities and success gained to her by the spas, retailers, hospitality, hotels and health care specialist who have supported Soulage' Therapy Solutions over the years. In her personal message back she shares, "To my family and friends who had faith in my dream of owning a business and helping others, I am most grateful to our Lord & Savior because without Him this would not have ever been possible. I look forward to continuing our partnership and exceeding your needs"