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What People Are Saying About Us

"It’s really hard to fall asleep when you’re chilly. Heated blankets are nice, but I will often wake up sweating later in the evening. These microwavable heating wraps are the perfect solution.


After a couple of minutes in the microwave, they retain heat for around 30 minutes, gradually and safely cooling down as you nod off. They’re well made and smell yummy–-they’re filled with natural ingredients such as rice, clove, and orange peel. The filling gives the pads some heft, so you get that comforting weighted blanket feel.


Great for warming sheets, soothing muscle aches, and easing menstrual cramps, too, these wraps are made to last. I just replaced my old wrap with a new one because it finally started getting too worn, after 18 years of use. Laying the pad across my belly or on my back feels like a cozy hug—and pretty much guarantees I’ll start to drift off in no time."

— Lauren D.

body wrap_taupe.png

... I love your products and I had to recycle the last one I had from you which by the way lasted six years!!!! 


My back is begging me for my new one 😀😀😀. I would love it if you could send me an update. 


Thank you so much. 


I received the heat wrap yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased! I really love the innovative design to keep everything in place.

It smells wonderful and holds the heat perfectly! I feel better already! Thanks so much for your personal replies and genuine care for your customers.

I truly love it!

Sincerely Happy,

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