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A fresh look with an updated fabric! Still serene and natural colors, but a bit more durable and modern. Designed for Professional Therapists, our eye pillow let’s your client relax and unwind with just the right weight for comfort and the soothing and calming aroma of lavender flowers. Our design gives comfort for the eyes without adding pressure over the bridge of the nose.

They may also be chilled in a zip-lock bag in the freezer and then placed over the eyes to help relieve headaches or puffy eyes


We do not recommend heating our eye pillows as the lavender buds will break down over time and will lose their lavender scent.


Pro Eye Pillow

  • Measures: 8.5” x 4”

    Weight: approximately 8oz

    Ingredients: flax seed and Lavender flowers

    100% Polyester

  • Spot clean only and use our washable covers to protect the product from oils, and for use between clients.

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