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A fresh look with an updated fabric! Still serene and natural colors, but a bit more durable and modern.

This set comes with a Pro Full Back, Pro Neck Wrap and washable white cotton Full Back and neck Wrap covers. 

Pro Set #1

  • For microwave or hot towel warmer use only. Do not heat in conventional oven. May also be placed in the freezer for cold therapy.

    • Always use a clean microwave to avoid picking up heated food smells.
    • Never overheat your wrap! To avoid hot spots heat in microwave for one minute, then remove and shake contents to disperse. Continue the process to reach desired heat level. Note: time will vary due to microwave wattage. Use caution when heating in microwaves over 1000 watts.
    • Do Not use if your wrap shows any signs of damage, burning or charring. It’s time to replace! We recommend replacing your wrap after 6 months of frequent use.
    • Over time, depending on frequency of use, storage and care, item-fill may dry out and no longer be suitable for heating. Please take caution in heating products in a microwave as they age to avoid burning.
    • Always check wraps heat level before use; use caution when giving to children/elderly to avoid burns.
    • For cold therapy, place wrap inside a plastic bag and place in freezer.
    • We do not recommend heating our eye pillows as the lavender buds will break down over time and will lose their lavender scent.

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