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What is the benefit of "Moist Heat?"

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Many Soulagé heat therapy products are filled with rice (plus an herb blend) which produces a "moist heat" after being warmed in a microwave or warm towel cabi.

We show a quick video below using our fun retro microwave!

So, why would you want "moist heat" versus just heat?

Dry heat therapy, such as an electric heating pad, will draw out moisture from the body and may leave the skin dehydrated or irritated. This can worsen skin that may already be dry.

In moist heat therapy, the moist heat in our Soulagé heat therapy products does not dehydrate the skin. The moist heat penetrates deeper into the muscles to help relieve pain faster. This is helpful to decrease joint stiffness, reduce pain, inflammation, relieve muscle spasms, or to just relax after a long day.

Whatever Soulagé product you choose; neck wraps or our most versatile body wrap, you will get the comforting, moist heat you need!

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