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Our PRO Line Isn’t Just for PROS!

Simple and functional, we choose a neutral fabric that creates a serene spa experience for both in spa and home use.

Whether you need a moist heat therapy or cold therapy, our Professional Line can do both. Most commonly used for heat therapy by placing in the microwave, heat and apply to desired area, they are also freezer friendly and can be placed in the freezer for a couple of hours and used as a cold compress to help ease pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, soothe hot flashes or help to cool you down in the hot summer months!

Our Pro line products include mitts, mule style slippers, lavender eye pillows, neck wraps as shown in our new Pro fabric coming soon, plus we offer a half lap pack, full back and neck roll.

Our Pro line is getting a fresh look with an updated fabric later this month! Still serene and natural colors, but a bit more durable and modern.

Choose the product or products that are right for you!

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